„What is my personal experience of ISSI?
The best of my life so far.“

- Tania Christiansen (ISSI 2011)


„I was exalted by my daily occupation, trying to tackle my questions with pen and paper only. The diverse insights into the nature of scientific work have reinforced my wish to become a scientist myself.“

- Beatrice Dittes (ISSI 2008)



„It's one of these events that capture you totally and leave a prominent mark for the rest of your life.“

- Damián Gvirtz (ISSI 2011)

„The scientific and cultural parts were so interesting and fascinating (really!). However, what made the four weeks in Israel unique and unforgettable was the community, 'the people'. A convention of 80 young persons interested in science and so much more is - in an understating way of saying it - inspiring.

- Jonathan Ko (ISSI 2012)

„Today, five years after my unforgettable stay at ISSI, when I think about its impact on my life I conclude: It took my fear away. The fear of thinking globally - for my life, my professional career and my interaction with the people around me.“

- Daniel Hümmer (ISSI 2008)

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